General Conference Tales of Truth

hello CREEKERHOOD this is me@ by K. Kirton Niner, SOLE-PARENT of Tyler Romero Niner another GREAT CHILD OF GOD@ his Grandpa John Perry, Grandpas John Kirton, Grandpa Perry Fitzgerald and the list goes on ….my Father’s are honored to Father such a Son of a Mother so BRAVE as I@

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“Mormon Bishops” don’t have the Authority nor the Power of my Fatherhead over me. When I was growing up in Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121 the power I know my Father still has on the other side the power I know I HAVE THE POWER OF no matter where I stand my King DADDY my Veteran my Air Force SSgt of the Korean War… my SAINT WHO ANSWERS MY PRAYERS since HE was my truck driving Daddy by the power of John Kirton I command the listeners of this 85331 to update their community directories of their SAINT LOCATION and AS asked by this MOTHER CREEKER® AGAIN…HELP HIM find HIM NOW your Member since 2021 and help him comprehend his Deity please THANKS you


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