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Sonny & K. Kirton Niner

Who is Sonny? K@ #2001sonnysgirlsCREATOR

Krysta drops twenties these days because of her FRIEND Dwayne, the Gentleman she would always sit in the corner of the bar with to play games. Krysta, she who’s MAIN STAGE NAME is Shimmer. DWAYNE, HE WHO TREATED ALL SONNY’S GIRLS LIKE LADIES. SONNY, Jesus Christ, PAT & JEN they can tell a story. Sarah too, she is The Lady of The Night @azrepublic2001 when C@ worked on the 10th Floor with some really great people. People who showed up for CK for a news plug on the BLOW TO KNOW alcohol alert stand days @TheGermanCorner K got the Bartender Gig because of the Business Connection her ROOMMATE, TED FOWLER SPRINKLERS & PLUMBING, has had since about 2002. C had the BUSINESS to do the plug. K had a packed bar and everything was great for Mike. Mike, who has a MOTHER who can cook for an ARMY! Krysta loved Mom’s cookin’ @TheGermanCorner back in the days when she worked in the Valley.